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     Have you ever seen this while shopping? It only take a few seconds for a parent to turn their back and the child tries to get out of the cart. I'm a mom of 3 children. I designed The Baby Comfort Strap to keep my 9 month old from putting his mouth on the shopping cart handle.

     The first time I did not have it with me while grocery shopping, Kyle reached for an apple as I was reaching for the bananas, he fell out of the cart and then it fell on him... I thank God he was not seriously injured. Over 20,000 children each year are injured to the point of going to an emergency room and 74% of those injuries are to the head and neck. There have also been 3 deaths from falls that I'm aware of.

See how The Baby Comfort Strap works in any standard shopping cart

We are extremely proud to announce the arrival of Dr. Dave’s BabyComfort –Successfully born after lengthy gestation and many developmental checkups by Distinguished Engineers, Pediatric Specialists (Pediatricians, RN’s, Public Health Nurses, Pediatric Social Workers), and numerous colic-diagnosed families seeking peace and rest. Read more